College students, show off your craftsmanship and creativity to build and deploy software/hardware at NYCHacks hackathon!


9:00am Attendees' Entrance

Collect contact info of attendees

Have attendees wear Merch

Intro speech/Breakfast - 30 min approx. 

9:30am Start challenge 

2:30pm - 3:30pm Lunch 

5:00pm Attendees start wrapping up and uploading their code/code documentation to NYCHacks GitHub repository and start working on their presentation. 

5:30pm Challenge ends

Presentations start (2 mins per presentation)

Judges give feedback (2 mins per presentation) 

6:00pm Raffle 

6:15pm Xbox time 

7:15pm Judges announce winners

Prizes are given out

Wrap up time 

8:00pm Leave 

Sponsors (more to be added)



Jhal NYC

Axure RP 

Featured Guests

Mahfuzul Islam, CEO and CO-Founder of Jhal NYC

Taj English, CEO and Founder of ListedB


Instagram - @nychacks

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  • Participants: Current college student


Hackers will be given a main challenge which is shaped around the theme of the hackathon. Additional challenges will be kept in mind to allow everyone to be able to complete something. Hackers will be grouped into teams and compete to make the best mobile/desktop/web (or cross-platform) or api such that can be used in mobile/desktop/web apps.



Mahfuzul Islam

Mahfuzul Islam
CEO, Co-Founder / Jhal NYC

Taj English

Taj English
CTO, Co-Founder / ListedB